Ekaterina, Andrevna Demakova

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Orenburg in Russia
007 985 135 30 19
Scam pattern

I was registered on the FDating dating site, and I received an email ( I don't know where this person was able to get it...) from this person telling me that they wanted to get to know each other, that they were registered on this site too.... I replied then the machine was launched... It resides in Orembourg in Russia. She's 35... her father left her mother being pregnant.she never knew her father. Her mother died as a child and was therefore placed in an orphanage. Her teacher Irina would have taken care of her.... she would have studied and obtained her diploma of ambulance.......After exchanges of emails and photos,J fell in love with her after several months of exchanges and after she told me that shewas in love with me then started wanting to join me in France but she didn't have the money...she worked in a clothing shop and earned only 300 rubles a month...

So she went to the branch to get all the information and prices for her visit... each time, I gave money by bank transfer.... weirdevery time after the transfers, either the insurance for the trip increased or there was something else....

She ended up telling me that one day, she was boarding but that the journey had changed because of the war in Ukraine and that she had to go through Finland and stop there for one night... arrived in Finland, she is looking for an inn, which she didssi to do and spend the night.

The next morning, ready for boarding, she was stopped because a couple in front of her had spent the night in the same inn, turned out to be positive for covid and that the woman had a fever... having spent the night in the same establishment, she would have been considered contact case and therefore quarantined for 14 days...paid quarantine or I had to make a transfer of 2200 euros then arrived at the end of the quarantine, he reveals that she becomes sick and transferred to a clinic (covid).

The, she tells me that the care costs 5000 and a few euros and that the insurance does not cover these costs the... I ask her for an invoice, a quote and that she sends it to me... what she does and this invoice pawas true for me as well as for my bank since I gave them...

So I make the transfer and then she informs me that she is restored and that she leaves the clinic to go... there, she shows up at the airport is stopped by customs because she would have spent too much time on Finnish soil without authorization... she is therefore nailed on the groundfinnish and has to pay a fine of 2856 euros... she asks me to help her but because of the war, no more transfer possible and she could no longer touch her account because the latter was blocked because of the ambargo....

She managed to get lodged in Finland by an employee in her home while finding a solution for the transfer... thishe employee would be Russian but would have lived in Finland for four years... but strangely, this one does not have a Finnish bank account, only in Russia. So she gives me the bank details of this person living in Finland... in the meantime, I look at the women's scams sites in the east because my bank warned me that there were a lot of scams.... at first I didn't believe itbecause everything seemed so real in our exchanges with this Russian woman.....but at the parade of this story, I began to look and it is there that on a site of scams, I saw several profiles concerning her under various identities..... I was mad of rage and transmitted to her the lein of the site and the pages where were referenced her profiles..... every time the same description......cis there that I tilted and that I said STOP it is a scammer....... a person living in Finland and not having a bank account in a Finnish bank I found it more than weird... then from the fact that I do not send the money, she tells me that she introduced herself to the Russian embassy in Finland in order to be repatriated....

This person has scammed me anywayof 30,000 euros... everything seemed so real to me except for this Finnish and his account.... here's basically the story of this scam...

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