Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women

What is the Russian blacklist?

This page will allow you to browse profiles of thousands of scammers. We call it Russian blacklist though you will also find profiles of scammers from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania and other countries.

Russian and Ukraine blacklist.

In our Russian dating blacklist you can make search by first and last names of the woman, by pictures or by messages samples. Ukraine dating blacklist is a part of the list.

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Valeriia Mural

 I believed I got scammed by a ukrainian female person found on Tinder.


i received an email in my inbox.


Almazhan Bergandaniya

After the airport yesterday, I didn't have time to write you a letter, so I went home. I spent the night in a

Almazhan , Almy Bergandaniya

En résumé, la fille ce fait passer pour une jeune veuve ayant perdu son mari dans un accident de voiture...


Attention! This is a marriage scammer from Kazakhstan. Prefers to meet men in the EU. Very cunning and calculating.

Natallia Skiba

Belarus woman, Attention, person who flees her country following a corruption affair with her spouse and uses Tinder or other dating sites to…

Anastasia Chusovitina

Writes for weeks

Has a good story about her being divorced because her husband hit her

Wants money through travel agency


ed ed


Rencontrer d'abord des gens par l'application de rencontres.

Aidana Niyazbek

This identity is used by dating scammers to collect money from Western men.

Scammers use stolen pictures so you may get a different picture…


Very patient scammer, story well "mounted" on her past and her current life, it becomes touching as emails are exchanged, goes through a travel…


ukrainian scammer living either in Russia , the transit scam by a travel agency on behalf of Rusch tour several email exchanges with this agency…


Ukrainian scammer, everything starts slowly and it goes up crescendo, until she starts asking you for money to make a passport, then plane ticket…

Ekaterina, Andrevna Demakova

I was registered on the FDating dating site, and I received an email ( I don't know where this person was able to get it...) from this person…

Elmira Yakovleva

This is a female dating scammer (fake date), who allegedly confirms that she is 35 years old from Izhevsk, Russia. In two of her pictures can be …

Elmira Yakovleva

This is a female dating scammer (fake date), who allegedly confirms that she is 35 years old from Izhevsk, Russia. In two of her pictures can be …


OLGA RUDENKOVA (alias VOLHA RUDZIANKOVA) from Smolevichi, Minsk region, Belarus scammed me of $30,000+ USD through an online romance scam for…

Anastasiya Shafigulina

She is on Matchtruly and the same profile shows up in several other dating sites. After chatting she fakes the need for a new phone or you will…

Volha Rudziankova

I would like to report Volha Rudziankova (alias Olga Rudenkova) from Smolevichi, Minsk region, Belarus who has scammed me of almost $30,000 USD …