Mariia Hulyk

First name
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Kostyantinovka 31 ul Bulvarnaya, Donestsk region 85107
Scam pattern

Attention new level of scam, this person is doubly dangerous. It allows you to buy bus tickets from your city, Donestsk region, and another ticket from Kiev to Spain. Thus creating a certain confidence, which he takes advantage of to ask for money for travel expenses (PowerBank, super expensive pills against dizziness, food and drink) he also says he has to pay ora personal loan or you will not be able to leave Ukraine, the next thing you do is lose the bus trip because your idea is only to scam, since you do not plan to make the trip you were supposed to make, losing not only the money that is sent to you, but the money invested in the payment in this case of two bus trips, not giving explanations of why you missed the bus trip, feel itand it's blocking and swearing. Try to pity her. What makes her more dangerous is that you can see her by video call, she prepares everything to achieve her goal.