First name
Scam pattern

They go onto Badoo then when they email you after getting your address
they tell you they are using their best friends account who lives in the
UK and they are looking for a man from the UK as Russian men treat them
badly, they then ask for your phone number, they then phone you but the
call mysteriously gets disconnected.  They expect you to call them
back.  This will cost a fortune.  The next step will then be to ask for
money so they can come to the UK to meet you.

Samples of her messages

I've been thinking about what to you will be more important to know
about me and decided to explain to you why I have not been able to find a
man in his homeland. My friend, I want to tell you about their past
relationships with men. I had a few men, but none of them lived up to my
expectations. I waited for them something better than they could give. I
have always aspired to a serious relationship and complete trust
between people, but unfortunately, the majority of Russian men drink
heavily and constantly deceiving. So I really was upset and stopped to
look relationships with men who surround me. Russian men do not respect
women when it is not, there are only small exceptions, but unfortunately
I could not find such a man. Now, when I talk to you, I understand that
you like, as if from another world. Your outlook is much better. Like
what you think and how you feel about the woman. I like the way you live
and everything, then what you're doing. I think you're a good man. I
try to live a healthy lifestyle. I never smoke or drink alcoholic
beverages. Only rarely on holidays, I allow myself a glass of champagne!
Do you smoke or drink alcohol? Ged I do not tell you how much I love
winter skiing. Sometimes my friends at work go out of town and spend the
winter there is a fun time full of winter fun. I also love how a child
just take the sled and ride a roller coaster. In Russia 3 months of
winter, a lot of snow and winter hobbies. In the summer I like to
sunbathe on the beach, and walk in the park. Summer in Russia beautiful
weather. You can go out in the evening and walk. Warm weather, the sun
is shining, the atmosphere is the best. Especially if you do it outside
the city. I often visit the garden with my mother, there is a forest and
I love to walk there. This summer I visited a lot of the lake! My
favorite sport is swimming and gymnastics. I was involved in gymnastics
as a child. I try to constantly keep yourself in shape. I talk a lot
about yourself. I hope that my stories about my life, you are not tired?
I try to tell a lot about yourself. So that you can understand me and
see my world around. I think it's important. Ged You agree? Can you tell
me why you're alone? Why did you decide with the help of the internet
to find a woman? As long as you are looking for in the expanses of the
Internet for women? I'll be glad if you answer all my questions. I hope
that today is your day to be a very good and interesting. I am sending
you new pictures! Tatyana!

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