Valeria Ivanova

Modèle d'arnaque

Romance scam. I met Valeria on after three lines she gave me her telegram address (@ iv8338). I wrote to her on Telegram, she didn't even want to know my name or even a photo of me, she sent me her letters and she immediately asked me for 250 euros to take a bus and run to Italy with me. Guys this woman wastes no time and she gets straight to the point. I played along and askedher to send me her passport, she sent a clearly fake one, her fonts suck and are not the same as the original ones. She sent me her PayPal account ( and told me to hurry because the bus would leave in two days and she would have to pay immediately because there were were few seats left. I pointed out to her that the passport was fake and at that point she immediately deleted the chat and blocked me. Too bad I had already saved everything ! This woman really thinks the people she attracts are idiots...

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