Svetlana Panina, Alias LadySvet777 scam femme Russe

Prénom/First name
Alias LadySvet777
Nom/Last name
scam femme Russe
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

As you can see from jer profile on, ( she is already married, yet she is posing on the Find-Brides.comdating site as "never married"


Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Passion, Charm - All In One)))


Hi Name Here
I can’t wait so long when you will write me and  that is why I’m here visiting your page and writing you first.) Maybe it isn’t acceptable to write first and necessary to wait when the man will write?))  

Do you want to know the hot brown-eyed Snow Queen?))

Here I’m – young, full of energy and emotions, well-educated and sociable lady.
I have brown eyes and when I was a little girl all people who were looking in them saw happiness there. The years have passed and now my eyes are full of passion, charm, sparkles and deep hot fire) It is believed hat people with such eyes are the sexiest)
Can you see this?)

Also I was participating in the contest  “Miss Odessa Brown Eyes” where I did win and now my eyes are well-known everywhere)
Are you ready to drown into my eyes and melt the heart of the Snow Queen?)

Svetlana Hot Brown Eyes

Pulled the same scam on me;

Pulled the same scam on me; sent me letter after letter asking to chat...then after I read this, I confonted here and guess what?

Her messages stopped being sent, you should notify the admins on the site and see if they do anything about guess is...NOT.


her trip to Paris last summer

her trip to Paris last summer with visa I paid. She went with a presumably rich Russian man, but that did not work out, I guess.

In parallel, she was with the Turkish man and pretending to be romantically interested in me.


This immoral girl pretends to be already a doctor.

She is only an intern, but I wonder what Doctor she is going to be?

She has a very poor soul. 


I know this girl. She is

I know this girl. She is indeed Charming and beautiful, but. Unfortunately  a SCAMMER And a golddigger.  

She was indeed married to an extremely rich Ukrainian guy, but she seems to be truly divorced no. I assume he got enough from her pathological lies and her endless greed.

It seems to me that she wants to spent a guy's money until he is broke and then go on to find another rich man. 

She told me she got a fine of 500 euro for a Car accident. I gave her after i met her. Later i paid a Eu Visa for her.

She tried to get me to pay her another 500 for her sister that was in the hospital with a mysterious desease(lie) and she said she needed 500 euro for a new visa. Ha ha ha. Latershe tried to Get me buy her an apartment as "her condition" for a relationship.

I found out she maintained multiple relationships with a Turkisch Muslim man and a few other men, that gave her money, designer clothes and jewelry.

She went to Paris in September 2015 with the visa I paid, but  not with me, but I expect with another (Russian) man.

She went to Thailand last December  with a  rich  turkish Muslim man. she told her family that she was with me on all her trips. Her family is nice and decent, but they were lied to by this scrupulous girl. 

She maintains relations with many exotic men as long as they pay her money, send her gifts or take her on holiday. 

She has no own money, only money  extracted from men with dirty lies.






Good Evening from Paris!Thank

Good Evening from Paris!

Thank you warmly for your support. I revert to you to inform you that I have irrefutable proof that Marina, alias "sweet_daisy", is a genuine scammer. For memory, Marina is from Lviv      (Ukraine), 30 years old (12/24/1987), 170 cm / 55 K, red-haired. Enclosed some documents about her.

Best regards,

Med in Paris

Prince of Zagora

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