Maryna Kislitsyna

Ukraine - Poltava ou Odessa
Modèle d'arnaque

Classic sentimental scam. I met her through and she immediately wanted to talk via Whatsapp. She speaks very little, wastes no time, writes short messages in which she complains about the war and wants to escape. After two days without having asked anything about me she was already in love and she wanted to come and live at my house. She sent me her passport (in my opinion fakebecause in the photo she seems to have light eyes), she often contradicts herself, first she wrote that she was 34 then the next day she was 38. As soon as she met she wrote to me that she lives in Odessa the next day he wrote that he lives in Poltava. She asks for 300 euros to get to Poland plus cash for travel expenses and other money for plane tickets. She refuses to make video calls and even gets angry if you try to ask her to prove she's real. the only thing she repeats is that the man must pay without asking too many questions. She probably thinks everyone is an idiot and sends her money without being sure it's real. Obviously when I refused she insulted me and blocked me !

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