Irina Vinogradova

+7 967 360-11-58
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This 33 year old woman claims to be a Doctor.A psychiatrist.She claims to have her own money and pay her own way to travel.She claims to go to Moscow to get all the papers needed and runs into expenses with parking fines and being scammed at the airport just before the flight. She plays the game well. Claims to have pawned jewelery and borrowerd money from relatives and only needs a certain amount in addition.One she has your money,she disappears and the phone number is no good anymore.

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I love you, Please do not leave me stranded here at the airport. Please send me the EUROS that I need.

This woman will even send

This woman will even send passports and visa.

Thomas Gross

sends photos official

sends photos official documents to convince you.

Thomas Gross

Hi try yandex pictures. Me it

Hi try yandex pictures. Me it was anna boitcova. Write these name in google or yandex. Be sur that she dont like these shit but i dont  care. 


If you go down few more…

If you go down few more pages you'll find similar story ANASTASIYA SCHENNIKOVA and read!

People be careful , without going there and meeting her in person probably will not work. They are beautiful women no doubt about that but don't fall for a scammers , and to be honest here like 97% of them are scammers.

Good luck

Atlantis (non vérifié)

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