Tamara Poskrebushewa / Floret

Poskrebushewa / Floret
Republic Tatarstan, Bekhterevo
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today I was in agency. I have explained to them that I need to come to the Netherlands to you.

Whether they took my passport and learnt I can travel to the Netherlands.

To me have informed that I should conclude the contract with agency. And then they will begin official registration of papers.

Official registration of papers will occupy approximately 10 working days.

Benito, I was very happy to know that I can go to your country.

Also that I can be very fast near to you. But to me inform approximate cost of all documents.

And I have been very upset. To me informed that approximate cost of the cheapest tickets to the Netherlands will be 15000 roubles. It about 375 euros.

Also I need to pay for the international passport, the visa, obligatory medical insurance and some other documents.

The total cost of a trip will be approximately 27000 roubles (about 675 euros).

Benito, it is very big money for me. And it is very a shame to me to speak to you about it.

But I always was sincerely with you. Now I am very upset and I do not know that to me to do.

I did not think that all it so to turn out. But I think that you will not leave me one.

We together can find the decision of this problem. Both of us want our meeting and I am assured that our meeting will occur.

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Hello my favourite Benito!!!!
Also it was very pleasant to see your letter. I so understand that you went again in Western Union.
To you Wester Union have told, that for you it is necessary to have passport number to send me money? Well, I will give you this data.
But to me spoke nothing about it. When I went learnt in western union.
A passport series: 45 26. Passport number: 325 738. I hope that you will transfer nobody this data.
As this data is very confidential. I hope you you understand it!
I would be glad your photos. As a bicycle photo. By which I should go.
I with impatience will wait for your following letter! I send you the gentle kisses!!!
Yours and only your love, Tamara.

I knew at the really begining

I knew at the really begining that she was a scammer,  i didnt want to loose time but at the same time I wrote whatever to her, no revising or re-reading it and sending, i can write very fast, so i didnt expend time, no time wasted, later it became interesting to see how she developed her scam little by little, at the same time i already checked this website and had found her in this black list, ....

This website I have found through google images, I pasted a foto of "Tamara" in the finder space of google images and yeah, voilá!, she appeared in this website.

After she begon to ask for money, I told her that the employee at Wester Union requested me her bank account, after telling her she answered that she doesnt have that, never used, so I wrote later that again at wester union, that it was a pitty that they requested me her ID number or passport number because of a new anti-money laundering policy of the central bank, so she has sent to me her passport number:
passport series: 45 26. Passport number: 325 738.
Afterwards that, I have sent her 3 different names and addresses that she uses, that I have found in this site, and asked her which of those names or address I had to use???. And I said that cheaters / scammers belong to be in the jail, that she is playing with feelings of honest people, and that now  her trip's destination will be changed, instead of coming to me she will be taken to the Siberia Gulag (prision)

Гла́вное управле́ние исправи́тельно-трудовы́х лагере́й и коло́ний‏


It seems she has reappeared

It seems she has reappeared !!! The two posts above correspond exactly to what I have experienced . The pictures are different . One difference is that she called me in the UK once - the call was about 30 seconds. She claimed it was from the post office in Kirov - well it must have been cold coz it was after 11pm Moscow time!! Her address doesn´t exist. She says she will call me tomorrow. I am expecting this call - what should I do? She claims to speak Spanish so I think I will answer her in Spanish only. Then Monday I will out her good and proper!!!! Her supposed address doesn´t exist. It´s a shame coz the woman she purports to be seems more mature and very sweet - but then they all do I imagine

The new Tamara is in the photos below and claims to be an events organiser - weddings etc. I have a lot of photos including apparent family ones with mum and "daddy" as she calls him

If anyone has any similar info please post it or let me know - cheers


Her supposed location is  Yur ýa - Oblast Kirov

Met on Meetic affinity site, Spain

e- mail  - taposkr



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