Viktoriya Kovaleva

Modèle d'arnaque

Beware. Viktoriya is prepared to engage in a long term email relationship to gain the trust of her male victims. She uses the standard Passport and travel cost scam, but also mixes in a fair amount of emotional pain issues to extract more money. She is sweet, and attentive, but make no mistake she has no intention of meeting you EVER! As soon as I talked about coming to Ukraine to visit her the contact stopped immediately and without any reason. She is evil.

Echantillons de ses messages

My dear XXXX,

Your letters never bore me! Just opposite - your support is very important for me! I'm glad you're not angry about the tickets.

I read your letter yesterday and had opportunity to talk with the agency. They said if I apply now I will be in time by March,8. But I will need to buy the ticket beforehand and do everything fast with the docs. I will have to get a grip on myself and distract myself from sad thoughts. Now I believe my coming to you will close this sad page in my life. I'd need about 500 USD more to solve this problem with my ticket.

XXXX, I will never stop saying "thank you". I don't know how deep would I fall in my depression if there was no you in my life.

I know your life is not a paradise and you have to face many every day problems at work, with kids, etc. And among all this mess you found forces to write me right words and be patient. Thank you, XXXX....

I know that during this month I totally forgot about all things and people

around me. And I was not interested in your life as I was before. But I hope this period is ending and I will become the Vika you knew soon. I continue to work with psychologist and I'm sure in a month when I come to meet you I will feel totally ok.

Many kisses, Vika.

she is from Russia = 100% and

she is from Russia = 100% and her real name is Svetlana = 100%


HelloHow are you ))I hope

How are you ))
I hope that you are doing fine
Today I entered this site
I saw your profile coincidence
I liked
I want to get to know you more
Not for the sake of fun
 But a serious relationship
I have a Skype/ismail19925/
Facebook/ismail cantobe/
I hope to receive a reply from you as soon as possible


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