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She hasn't asked for money yet, but I found out that the scammer is using Ukraine Model 'Valeria Lukyanova' photos.  We started our conversations shortly after I received an email from  We hadn't talked about money, but we have been talking about meeting each other and how she had dreams of seeing each other coming off a plane.  She told me on the next letter she will discuss with me the information she will provide to me so she can travel out of Russia.




Echantillons de ses messages


Dearest Esequiel,

How is your health?How is your mood?Your letters help me to feel your
affinity.And though we with you are divided with huge distance,
reading your letter I feel your care.I often begin to imagine - what
you do right now, where are you right now,or with whom you are right
now...There is a lot of kilometers, some hours between us, but I
always think that maybe right now you as well think:"What she
does,where she is?"Maybe we think of the same things at the same
time.I feel that the our meeting will be beautiful and romantic.I will
tell you everything what I will feel at that moment,and you will tell
me.And then we will leave the airport and we will chatter and laugh.I
will tell you how I endured the flight in the plane and what I was
thinking about.You will tell me how you waited for me at the
airport.And then we will have a wonderful time together.We will
walk,spend evenings, to watch funny and scary movies,- and I will hide
under your hand at the most scary moment... We will meet together the
first beams of the sun and will see off a magnificent sunset. We will
sit near a window and to drink hot tea while in the street will be a
strong rain. How I want to have a breakfast together and a supper with
candles.Esequiel i want to lay on a bed,and to tell each other about a
life.How I want all this - simple things which will bring to us so
many joy.Marina


Hello MissHow are you doingI

Hello Miss
How are you doing
I hope you are okay
I Ismail live in Algeria
The truth
I'm not good at writing letters because do not write a lot of these messages
I will try to explain to you
I hope that you understand me well
The truth
I want to tell you
I liked you
I have a good feeling towards you
I saw your profile on a Russian site
I took the e-mail address to write to you
I want to tell you
Will not lose anything that we got to know each
Possible we can agree
And plan for the future with some
I hope to be accepted
I will have the honor to know you


j ai déja eu affaire a cette

j ai déja eu affaire a cette demoiselle ; , elle se disait appeler marina sebancevam

en fait c es tle sphotos du mannequin ukrainien , vivant en france ou je ne sais plus de Valeryia lukyanova

pareil plein de lettre enflammées , je lui ai demandé des photos nues , pas voulu bine sur, et a la fin demande d argent j ai pas donné suite

voila pour moi


Voilà ce qui récapitule tout

Voilà ce qui récapitule tout : demande incessante d'argent, photos de paysane pour montrer que c'est du réel....pour de l'illusion


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