Prénom/First name
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

contacted me on lexa datingsite.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello Ad!!! I rejoice that you have written to me. For me it is pleasant that you have paid to me attention. I hope to you also dialogue with me will be pleasant. I sincerely hope that ours with you dialogue will develop also we with you every day we will learn each other much better. I will be happy, if you tell to me about yourself and the life. My name Marina. I was born in 1984 (16.07), my hair is light-korichnivye also my eyes brown, my growth 172, and my weight of 51 kg. I send you the photo.
My parents, the father and mum live together on distance of 30 kilometres from my house. A name of my father Alexander and my mum Irina. My country - Russia. The name of my city - Voronezh. People in my city kind and sympathetic. I want will apologise for an error in my profile. I tried to specify that I from Russia, but unfortunately my profile did not pass also to me it was necessary to specify that I from other country. I hope, what for you it not a problem?
I like silent and quiet music, I like romantic films as I like reading of books, at present I read book Romeo and Jullete, it is very interesting book.
I have finished college, by a trade I the hairdresser. I work in a beauty salon. I write to you from the work as I do not have house computer. I can write to you as soon as I have a possibility.
I can tell about the character that I kind, sympathetic, interesting. I like dialogue on different themes, and I will be glad to talk to you about everything that it will be interesting to you. I like to cook food, and I can brag that it at me very well turns out.
I hope that you start to represent me, and you had a first impression about me. Tell to me about it? Tell to me also about itself, about the character, about the life. I would like to learn you better, I am interested by you and it will be interesting to me to study you. As I want to tell to you that I in searches only serious relations, am not necessary to me flirtation and game, I want to construct only serious relations and an own family.
I with the big impatience will wait for your answer. Marina!

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