Galina Guzanova

Skype ID: kosmoguz (based in Russia, not in Spain or Germany)
Modèle d'arnaque

Galina Guzanova claims to live in Malaga, Spain and to speak Spanish and German. Her letters were in perfect German, so I asked how come she learned German so well. She claimed to have bought a special translation program Russian/German. However, although she claims to be teaching in Spain at the moment, her e-mail headers betrayed the following:

Location:     Germany
City:     Wohra, Hessen
Provider:     Deutsche Telekom AG

When I asked her how come, she
answered her letters were translated for her by a German friend (so
where had the translation program gone?). When confronted with this she severed all contact. She had suggested a meeting in December and of course needed money for the flight. Conclusion may be that "Galina Guzanova" as portrayed in her profile does not exist. The mail comes from a Russian webmail address, but is being sent from Germany. Possibly the pictures and personal details are being used by a dating scamming gang operating from both Russia and Germany.

















Echantillons de ses messages

"Ich habe mir ein anderes Übersetzungsprogramm gekauft ".

"Eine gute Freundin von mir wohnt in Deutschland und
hat meine E-mail Nachrichten korregiert".

"Wir können uns in Dezember treffen aber natürlich brauche ich Geld für den Flug. Das Leben ist nicht billig in Malaga"