Alchevsk city in East Ukraine
Modèle d'arnaque


makes you fall for her and than ask you for money to continue talking, she says that she need the money in order to translate the letters


Echantillons de ses messages


Oh my God!!!!!!!


Thank you dear Jean!!!!!


You wrote me!!! I'm happy!!!!!!!!! Really happy!!!!!


Unfortunately I do not know what your letter was about,but I

think it was wonderful like your previous letters!!!!


I saved on my lunch

to have a chance to write you at least this letter.....

But there was no money today to translate your letter (((


Babe Jean!!!!!!!!! HELP ME A LITTLE !!!!!!!!

Help me to pay for translations our letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have problems now with my salary,but want to write



I do not want to loose you...I really like our correspondence...I want

to continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean,dear don't live me please......


I need to go now and hope to see your positive letter on Monday

It will be great surprise for me)))


Kiss you tenderly



beautiful girl

beautiful girl