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Sevastopol, Ukraine
Modèle d'arnaque

After she wrote me for a while and I went to see her she started asking for gifts and money. The money was supposedly for her university studies and for her family. It turns out, she is not even a student...she is a full time waitress. Also, she claimed she is a "virgin" and she wanted me to be the "only man she was ever intimate with". Turns out she has been intimate with AT LEAST 5 guys. She also has no intention of ever leaving her city of Sevastopol. She is only looking to make a living for her and her family off the guys she meets online. She will ask for gifts and money. She wasted almost a full year of my life lying to me - time, emotions, and resources. She has no conscious. In the end she just stated I was "stupid" and an "idiot" for trusting her. In learning all of this her agency and at least two websites have dropped her - and

     I have been able to

     I have been able to verify this girl had a serious boyfriend the whole time and all the time she was telling me she "loved me" and wanted to be with me she was e-mailing him and telling him she loved him and they were seriously involved. As I would like others not to go through the time and pain I went through...I will tell you how to easily do your own detective work and check out your girl.


     First...go to Google...then type in Google Ukraine. Get your girls' first and last name, then type in her first and last name in the Google Ukraine search engine. The site you are looking for a profile for her is called vkontakte. If your girl has a profile there (and I find most do) seems like the more used social networking site in the Urkaine...then start looking through what is posted as comments by your girl and most of all the pictures. You can type in translation russian to english (or your language) and cut and paste the statements and translate. The pictures are very revealing as well as if you click on the heart icon below each picture. This will tell you who "likes" the picture...and from there you can click on the other person's site. I did this and I was able to piece all together and see hardcore proof in black and white that this girl had a serious boyfriend who she loved the whole time.

     I spent tens of thousands of dollars over all on communications, gifts, a trip there, and sending money. Every bit of it was a lie...I hope you can learn from what I have posted and you check your girl out thoroughly. I have met someone else and she checks out.



Per one of the agency

Per one of the agency managers..."this girl is the devil" please guys do not get involved with her in any way.