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Nov 1 at 10:10 PM Hello dear , so again I am writing to you - Svetlana.
I have problem with emal therefor please write me at this.
The last time I wrote to you, but it was only a short message. Please excuse me for my first short message.
Unfortunately when I was very busy at work. And why could not you write a lot. Excuse me !!!
As you already know my name is Svetlana. I'm 30 years old. I was born on December 15, 1985.
I am fully educated woman with a good job and a good sense of humor.
I do not drink (I admit, but sometimes on holidays, a glass of wine), do not smoke and never used drugs.
By nationality I am Russian. I live in the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is in Russia. I am calm, balanced and cheerful woman.
But unfortunately I am not married and have no children.
Of course, like any woman, I had a serious relationship with men here. but the relationship ended as quickly as it began.
I guess I just have not met that man who could truly love and appreciate me.
I have a good job. I work for a company that sells cars, and working as a sales manager.
my hobby. Maybe you'll be a little surprised by my hobby. But it's my
passion. More from school with friends we loved to collect tree leaves.
first it was a children's hobby. But over time, for me, this hobby has
turned into a hobby. I collect the leaves of the trees and lay them in a
Since they are saved and do not change their shape. Here is my odd hobby.
this hobby, I also have many other interests. For example: I love to
dance. And in his spare time, I go to a dance school.
Dancing maintain my figure.
also love to cook different dishes. I like to experiment in the
kitchen. Sometimes I come up with new dishes for yourself. It is
I could write you a lot more about what I like and what I do not like. But I am afraid that not enough time for that.
I do not have internet at home, so I am writing you a letter from work. Now I have to go back to work.
main thing is that you now have at least some idea about me and my
kind. I hope you find me interesting for yourself and write your reply
I'll be waiting for your response. I would be very interested vidnt your letter about your life and of course about you.
Do not forget to send your photos. I would be interested to see your life through photos.
Sincerely yours new friend from Russia, Svetlana

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