Natalia Ushakova

Lazurnaya 30, apartment 53, 54058
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This beautiful and charming lady have profiles in several sites uses several mails,,,, uses several pone lines (she answer directly the phone) 380634261887, 380994830277, from first call or letter you are her man and she needs with son Zakhar leave Ukraine, money for food, dress , school, etc, and invites you to Odessa and there all is money , money , money is very famous on scam sites, she is married still and she make you yo pay overprices in apartment, taxi, restoruants, and after she need money for daily life and she is atill married.

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letter 1

from: Natasha Ushaakowa <>

Sent: Friday, 21  november, 2014 13:01:45

 Re: Hello Natalia!

Hello dear XXXXXXX!

I am really very glad  to read your letter!

I  am sorry for delayed answer.My old PC was burned when it was jump of electical  net recently.

I want to know you too.Please write me about your life,job,city,family,bad and nice habits. What you are looking for on dating site?

As for me,I am seriously looking for love and family life.I am tired to be alone in life.I dream to meet special man and have loving family with him.

My 14 yo son Zakhar  support me in this my desire.He is ready to change life and  move to other country with me,he wants me be happy.

We have not easy time in Ukraine now. As you know,on the East is war. Of course it is local war,but who knows what Putin will do tomorrow?

We all pray for peace in our homes.

Dear,I send you my warm greetings and wait for soon reply.

I am really interested to know you and meet soon.

Have a nice day!


letter 2

 Natasha Ushaakowa <>

Monday, 24  november, 2014 12:30:59


Hello dear XXXXXX!

Thank you for wonderful letter.I like it very much.

I am normal,at least in my city no war.I dont want complain,but it is hard here  economically now.Especially for ladies with children.I hope I will find husband soon and leave Ukraine.Hope for you.Family is like a castle where all members feel secured and loved.I need it.

I am sure that  partners must support each other and understand always.It make relations strong and lasting.

XXXXXX,I think you can first visit me,then we can plan my visit to you. I hope you like this.To visit you I am sure I need visa.I will not be granted it if we never met in life yet.In Odessa and our  Nikolaev region all safe so you can fly here.No problems.When can you? I wait.

Dont worry about accomodation,I work in real estate and will help you to book comfortable apartment to stay here.I will meet you in Odessa Airport by taxi when I will know correct time of arrival.

I am sure we will have great time,we will learn each other,get closer in life.Zakhar wants leave Ukraine and live abroad.No problem with it.

More about me....My habits...

I visited some countries,I like to travel.I think I am modern traditional lady! :-)) It mean I have traditional family values in my mind but like to look modern and interested in world events.

I wake up  at 7 am and make for me and son breakfast.But in weekend I like sleep till 9-9.30 am.I am not a lark,sure. I go sleep about 11 pm usually. I have good mood almost always.I like  sometime dring red dry wine.But not very often.

I wear casual clothe and also can make special look for events if needs.

I  never go to clubs,I do not like it.I feel good in home.

I like have my partner near,at the same time I think every of us needs time for ourselves too.

And what about you?

I send you my warm hugs and wait answer.Possibly with dates of your visit.

have a good days.

My phone numbers are 380634261887, 38099483027 call me 

always yours


letter 3

 Natasha Ushaakowa <>

 Tuesday, 25 de november, 2014 13:21:26

 Re: Hello Natasha

Hello dear XXXXXX!

I am very glad read your letter.Thank you.I like photo too!

XXXXX , I agree to meet with you, for me it is good .I like man who do not think by years to visit me.I already for any case  booked for you comfortable apartment in the center of city to stay.For dates you wrote. 

I will meet you in Odessa Airport by taxi as I promised before. It is about 2 hours drive to my Nikolaev city.But we will atlk,get know each other during this  way.

I am very inspired to meet you.

Let it happen.

My son already knows about you.he wait to meet you too.

I send you my warm regards.

Wait for answer


letter 4

 Natasha Ushaakowa <>

 Thursday, 27  november, 2014 10:17:45

 Re: meeting

Hello dear XXXXXX!

I am fine,thank you.Hope you too???

We have today colder but nice day.I  wait for you,I will meet you in Odessa Airport  at  5 pm by taxi,be sure. You will recognise me by my wide smile! 

Apartment is booked,I confirmed it today.So dont worry,all is under control like you say.

I am very excited too.I hope that this meeting will be only first step in our story.

XXXXXXX,I will be very happy if you can buy for me in dity free shop perfumes  Christian Dior 'Dior Addict   Eau Fraiche" ,for me and my mother.I dream to have it - and here mostly fake in shops.Please take two pieces,I want one give  to my mother  for New Year as gift from me and you . And one for me.I  think beter will be if you take 100 millilites each.I will be very very pleased and thankful!

And for Zakhar we can look something here .If you like.

I like different flowers.Orchids,roses.

XXXXXXX, I am thinking about you.I wait you.

I send you my warm hugs and wait answer.


letter 5

 Natasha Ushaakowa <>

 Monday, 1  december, 2014 13:20:58

 Re: Re: meeting

Hello dear XXXXXXX!

I am  very happy to receive your nice leter and to know that we will meet soon.

Thank you for compliments,I like it as every real lady! 

XXXXXX,thank you for asking about my parents.Mother is Lubov,she is 65.Dad is Alexandr,he is 66 yo.

You can decide yourself if you want bring them something...Mother will have Dior Perfume I guess.Same with me.Take please two bottles of Dior for me and her.

Thank you!

My  sweetie, I am waiting for you. Apartment is booked for ordered.

I will wait you in Odessa Airport at  5 pm as we agreed! 

I send you my warm hugs and possibly will hear from you one more time  before your flight.


letter 6

 Natasha Ushaakowa <>

 Wednesday, 3 december, 2014 14:48:27

 Re: Re: Re: meeting

Hello dear XXXXXX!

I wish you to have good flight! I am waiting for you!

See you tomorrow in Airport Odessa!









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now she is in new sites again

now she is in new sites again

Carre Salaz

Yes, she plays a good game in

Yes, she plays a good game in person, also. Very smooth. She will be affectionate and charming, ask for nothing, introduce you to some family even and have you for family dinner at her place (her cousin was a good "wingman"). Her apartment is completely re-modeled and way too nice and expensive for her salary, so that made me think twice. Overall, I helped her once with rent and bought her some new boots for a concert. A few weeks before I was to return during winter, she told me her son  Zakhar suddenly had pneumonia and she had to take a second job...he was model of health and fitness.I did not "bite" even after all the times I heard these new "hardships." Needless to say her communication stopped and I did not even see her that next visit, haha. This was late September 2016 -January 2017. Gotta keep your guard up!

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