Lubushka ou Luba ou Lubov

Lubushka ou Luba ou Lubov
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Me contacte sur Badoo ,semble correcte et recherche un mari ;bien sur...Echangeons nos mails ,mais après 2 mails ne donne aucune réponse à mes questions . Depuis le 16 juillet 2014 ;plus de réponse et ce malgré les "traditionnels " ,mon mec d'avant me battait et buvait...J'ai fini à l'hopital ...De plus les photos ne correspondent pas au type d'une fille modeste qu'elle prétends être..Trop sexy ,bien habillée et bien sur "pas de skype" et un vieux mobile en guise d'ordinateur ;excuse pour ne pas aller sur skype ou yahoo messenger! 

Enfin j'ai remarqué qu'elle avait déjà été sur Badoo avec d'autres pseudos et d'autres adresses...Bien sur les profils sont un peu différents mais les photos de "jolie brune " sont similaires..

De toute manière BADOO est farci de scammeuses donc méfiance ..Ce n'est pas un site fiable.

Ne m'a rien demandé (elle n'aurait rien eu de toute manière) mais semble utiliser de faux profils alors si ça mord à l'hameçon ,verifier que ce n'est pas elle sur la ligne!


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Veut trouver l'amour avec un homme, ayant entre 30 et 55 ans

Lubushka 30, Kharkiv, Ukraine, ajoutée : 2014-06-11 12:45:50      Lubushka 30, Kharkiv, Ukraine, ajoutée : 2014-06-04 07:56:57     Lubushka 30, Kharkiv, Ukraine, ajoutée : 2014-06-04 07:51:51 Voir les 3 photos… Gifts+Attire son attention en lui offrant un cadeau ! Видалений користувач 21 лютого 2014 Membre supprimé 21 février 2014 Caché pour tout le monde à part toi. 10 visites aujourd'hui, 242 ce mois-ci.


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Harkovskaya obl., Ukraine


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Massages Randonnées Друзі Lecture Conversation Cheveux longs Vacances Production Shopping Soirées en amoureux Comédies Fleuriste À propos de moi I am very open girl!
i like to meet new people! also i am very honest and tender!
i like to make my partner happy!
i know how to take care about my man and make him happy! Intéressée par i am looking for tender and passion man!
who can be my friend my lover and my world!
i like kind men with big soul!
also i would like to find man with whom we will
be the single one! Informations personnellesJe suis actuellement :  Je suis célibataire Sexualité :  Je suis hétéro Apparence :  165 cm (5' 5''), 54 kg (119 lbs), mince, Cheveux bruns et Yeux bruns Mode de résidence :  Seul Enfants :  Un jour Tabac :  Anti-tabac Alcool :  À l'occasion Études:  Lycée / Cegep Langues :  Anglais (intermédiaire), russe (langue maternelle), ukrainien (langue maternelle) Emploi :  technician. J'ai un salaire modeste      

Echantillons de ses messages

I very thankful to you for your reply!!!!
i was worry if you will answer my letter!
and i was waiting for your reply with big interest!!

thank you for pics!!
no dear Makarovka is East region
maybe near ivano Frankovsk there are other makarovka

so how are you?
how was your day??

My day become really great after reading your letter!

It is great that we have a chance to know each other!!
maybe it is a beggining of something very special??
who knows)

i found that people wonder why i am single
but i dont see anything strange in this!

i live in a small countryside here is not many people
and my chance to meet good polite man is too small!

i had a boyfriend for 1,5 years but he like a majority of 
men in ukraine liked drink too much 
i tried to stop him to ask hom find a job and 
be just normal man but i think our men love alcohol more than women!

it is hard to tell you this but he beated me!
hope you can understand what influence this made to my mind
i coudnt see how my mom crying because she saw bruses on my face
i coudnt live with this anymore!

one time after he beat me i got to the hospital 
with a     
concussion of the brain!!!

also i saw many sad examples of behavior like this in another couples
so i decided that i dont want to have it anymore!
i want to meet good, polite, tender, interesting man!who will be my friend!my lover and my husband!
who i can be great wife!

that is why i am here!
of course it was not a simple decidion to start looking for
man here but i am brave girl and
i believe for better!!! as nothing ventured nothing gained!!
do you agree??

oh,i forgot to tell you one more fact about my family as it is important
i have small family only my mom!
who growed me by herself as we had "fun" story with my father!
after my mom bring me to home from maternity hospital
he said oh i will go out for a minute!after this nor mom neither me
have never see him anymore)

i veryhope that my letter didnt make you boring!!!
just wanted to tell you more about me!

Franck i will be happy if you can tell me your story!
about your past and present!!

and dont forget to send me your pics!!

send you kiss!!!

This same scammer is on

This same scammer is on okcupid dating site. She introduced herself as Lubov and said her birthday is December 18th. 


Her email:




This photo is a rehash of one

This photo is a rehash of one above on this site, just air-brushed more... Click on the photo. For some reason what is being seen changes to the actual image after clocking in he photo.


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