anna dorenko

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 196135, Aviation street, 14, ap. 76
Here is my full data:
last name: DORENKO
first name: ANNA
Modèle d'arnaque

 après plusieurs mails, a demandé 500€ pour ses papiers et billets 

Echantillons de ses messages

m really glad to get your letter and I am glad that you were able to understand me and the position in which I am now.
Cute Jean-Pierre, I already told you about that issue, which now prevents us to be together with you.
Only it does not give us to be close to you and love each other.
Cute Jean-Pierre, all my documents are ready and I was ready visa, I
only need to pay my tickets in the agency and all, help me dear.
And only when I pay off with pay for the tickets, I can fly to you.
Cute Jean-Pierre, please help me to pay 455 euros a ticket.
After all, the only thing that prevents us from being together and you love each other.
Cute Jean-Pierre, I hope that you understand and can help me as soon as
possible, since I have a time limit because of the ticket.
Because I can not lose him, if late.
I hope you can help me in the coming days.
And then I get my tickets and fly to you.

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