Prénom/First name
Russia, in a city which is called Kostroma
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

me contact par le site russian cupid, se trompe de prénom et ne lit pas les mails

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello my dear Jean-Pierre!!
I have now come to the Internet of cafe and is very happy to see your answer.
 Jean-Pierre Excuse that I could not answer you yesterday,
It is very a pity to me that did not work the cafe Internet and consequently I did not have a possibility to you to write...
Technical check of computer networks was spent to the cafe Internet
And today the cafe Internet have again opened and here I write the letter
 Jean-Pierre You such clever and good man, you the best and I are very happy that you are at me.
I very much like to communicate with you and as soon as I receive your letter,
That my mood rises at once....
Tell to me as at you weather? Than you are engaged for days on end?
At us fine weather and me very much it would be desirable to go with you along the street.
I will tell today to mum that have got acquainted with the person from other country.
That we communicate with you every day and that you very much like me....
 Jean-Pierre At me good parents, I very much love them!!!
As I will necessarily send you their photo and you can see them.
My daddy called Aleksandr it already has died, and mum Sveta.
I think, that my mum will not be against, that we communicate with you,
Because they always supports me and always agree with my opinion.
 Jean-Pierre Tell to me about the family how whom call? And if there is a photo have gone please.
On it I finish the letter and I wait for your answer.
Tomorrow I will necessarily write to you....

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