Galina Kapshtyk

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Number apartment: - 11,
Name street - Calinina 19,
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Zip code - 630051,
Country - Russia
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

But here I have one problem. I tried to save money. But I didn’t
expect I would have to pay for visa so soon. I thought it would
be later. So I don’t have enough money right now.
And I need your help in this if you really want to meet me.
I need 240 US dollars to pay for visa. 

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

I have already paid part of the money for ticket not to be sold
to another person. I have left 300 dollars that is why I ask you
to send me money. I ask you to send me only $376. 976 dollars is
a very reasonable price. And if I don’t pay the whole sum of the
money for the ticket then I will loose all the money that I paid
for my ticket to be reserved. 
The other problem is that my visa is given to me only for 2 months
except of 3 months. I don’t know why they did it. But that was
the decision of your Embassy. And they even didn’t explain me the
reason. And I can’t wait. That is why I should come as soon as
possible and enter the University. If I have my visa for longer
time then I could stay here for more time and try to save money.
But I have no time. 

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