Almazhan Bergandaniya

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Country: Kazakhstan,
Karaganda Region,
Zarechnoye Village
South Street, 24
Index 100920
Scam pattern

After the airport yesterday, I didn't have time to write you a letter, so I went home. I spent the night in a
strange state, I slept badly, I only fell asleep in the morning and I could only sleep 2 hours. I just opened my eyes, got
ready and went back to Astana to give you my news! I am so looking forward to yousee!!!!!!.
I want to write right away that I managed to get a replacement plane ticket!!!!!!. I fought
to change the date of my flight and it succeeded!!!!!
I'll tell you more about that. I went back to the airport and asked the airport clerk to change my flight,
but he refused!
I scolded him and readi asked to see the director of the airport. I was on edge for 4 hours! I was in a bad mood
, and despair overtook me!!!!
I finally got an appointment. She was a woman about 45 to 47 years old. I explained my situation to him. I said I
needed to. She understood my condition.
She changed my ticket to a date.rte, which means that when the money is in my pocket, I get a new plane ticket. At the time,
I was the happiest woman in the airport building, that's for sure!!!!!!)) You can't imagine the peace of mind the
peace of mind I had when the tickets were in my hands with a new start date!!!
I thinkthat we can solve the money problem, but for that I need your support. My aunt has an ex-husband who works
on a drilling rig in the open sea. He agreed to give me 1500 euros, but he can not make a transfer
directly to Kazakhstan. He asked to send the money to your bank account and you send it to me via Western Union orMoney Gram.
He asked for your contact information, IBAN, account details so he could send you the money. If at least that's what you contribute to,
it would be a big deal on your part!!!! I can't think of any other way!
I'm sorry to be without you for my birthday, but we'll have a lot more vacation together, we were
so impatientnts to be in a couple!!!!!!. We can celebrate the birthday as soon as we get home!!!
Tonight I will be with my mother, my father, my aunt and me. There won't be a big party, just a family dinner. You're supposed to be
the main guest at my birthday party!!!!! I had to spend the day with you!
Now we're going home. I only came here to give you this news about my flight change.
My kiss for you!!!!!!!!

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