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Hi, I am Alley1987 and i posted a page on this site called Anastasia Kuprienko on a scam that was pulled off me.


I then received an interesting comment from an unverified user named Randy Noble.


His comment was, "

Listen her name is Olena Honcharova from Nikolaev Ukraine. How do I know this. I've been married to her for the past 4 years. 2 of those years I lived with her in Odds and Nikolaev Ukraine I have more data to substantiate this then a man needs to see and experience. I have amidst all of her alias phone numbers emails plus a group of women who have conspired to push this scamming and and prey on vulnerable men. You can contest me if h you like and I send you enough to convince. I think i could make a movie out of what she has done to men."


I agree i think a netflix doc or a youtube doc should be made on her.

Some more comments by Randy Noble, who also claims to be married to her:


"I can tell you with complete accuracy that is Olena Honcharova. That is a fake picture. I've been married to her for the past 4 years. I've through with a women no man should have to endure."



Folks I'm telling you almost all of these profiles are the work of Olena Honcharova. I have many of these photos from her ipad,iphones.i hehe so of her sis, emails phone numbers and texts.  Unfortunately I was married to her for 4 years. Even today when out walking the dog she was   hooking up to give blow jobs .OLENA IS AASXUALLY SADISTIC, DEVIANT PSYCHOPATH. She has no soul or conscience. She presents extremely well, is enjoyable to be around until you ask her to tell you the truth. Well that's never going to happen. She always has two agenda the verbal one and the secret one. She uses sex as a positive grinding when you comply and withholds when you don't. She is incapable of being loyal no matter how well she presents"


"Get in touch with me at 5058682188. I'm married to this idiot and I have tons Her name is Olena Honcharova from Nikolaev Ukraine. Age 44,5 got 6, hazel she and chunky. She is a pathological liar abs a sexual sadistic psychopath. Read my recent. I have everything"



Listen I am so familiar with this romance scammer as I married her. Her name is Olena Honcharova, age 44 Nikolaev ukraine. She currently married to me living in US. She is a I scammer for over 20 years. She has gradient my money is a pathological liar a sexual deviant and psychopath. I met bet in Crimea l

ater married in Ukraine which was fraudulent. While back in USA before she was granted asylum she lived with another men off and on while Perth she had no money. I have record of crypto curb accounts, bank record and western union She is a prostitute and has hundreds of fake pictures on numerous web sites. You'll never see her face as she uses photoshop pictures to have plausible deniabiliy. I have a ton of texts, her actual pictures,phone records as well as copies of pictures and data from her iPhone iPad. I amand I'm in the process of getting department of immigration involved and homeland security. 

Yes her mother died but years ago when a car hit her. "


WE NEED TO STOP THIS WOMAN NOW.  i have sent a text to Randy Noble to email me more info. We need her real pictures and phone number.

see don; see don,t need a…

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see don,t need a new man or new cash. last place see needs to go is north Korea. To her last master Mister K.oen. He will gladly fuck and kill her at his lunch break. maybe Vladimir can get 1 rocket for her as a good deal with Kim.


It doesn't matter whet you…

It doesn't matter whet you go because you will always be you. You wouldn't write such bs about me if you truly were moving they're. I hope you do. It's a pace of sit country. David still ring get out of the Ukraine. You'll neve fly to any of the nato countries ever. As always your biggest weakness is your arrogance. It is not about your sexual deviance it's about violation of federal law. She we can wait but you will still be held accountable. It's just in amazed you really think someone else framed you. No, I doubt think that will fly. So fun, hide lie but I know who you are, what you are what you've done and edgy you've done it. I will pursue the truth. I don't think you can stop me from informing the world who you are. Bring the pathological liar you are, your arrogance you'll make a mistake. I don't care if your her or they're. See you soon you will not ruin me of 4 years past psych games and get out of this. At I said you are not capable of love. You are a20 year romance scammer. You can't control your deviance and the no. Of federal laws you mythos is astronomical. 

Randy Noble (not verified)

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