Oleksandra or Alexandra Tymoshenko

First name
Oleksandra or Alexandra
Last name
+380 97 432 5515
Scam pattern

Met her on a dating site. She is from Dnipro, Ukraine. About 2 weeks into our conversation, she says she broke the camera on her phone and cannot take photos or videos.  Gave her money to get to safety in Warsaw, Poland. About a month after getting there, I became suspicious, because she kept asking for more and more money. I asked for proof she was in Poland. She could not provide live location when on Whatsapp and could not printscreen her live location on Whatsapp. I offered to buy her a phone at a Warsaw phone store which she could collect, but she refused, and lastly, I gave her money to buy a passport so we could meet in a neutral country, but because she could not take a photo of it, she provided me the passport number. When I checked the passport number with the Ukrainian Embassy in Australia, the guy over the phone told me it was a fake. She was in Dnipro, Ukraine all along, and was never in Poland. I had sent her money weekly for rent and groceries. I called her out on her inconsistencies, but she refused to answer them and kept alleging she was in Poland and needed money, but would not provide any tangible proof that could not be manipulated.


All up, she scammed me out of 1120 USD over 2 months, which she received by PayPal.

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I also want to add I had offered to pay her 'credit debt' which she claims to have accumulated whilst in Poland, via Western Union Money transfer, but informed her I will list the collection as being in Poland. She became outraged and said there are not any Western Unions around her area and just wanted me to pay her by Pay Pal. Who in their right mind that is in debt, would refuse 260 USD? A scammer who is not in Poland.


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