Maryna Kryvopysha

First name
Last name
+380 95 191 1446
Scam pattern

She contact by Tinder...

Act normal for 2 or 3 months, ask you small money 1 time each month...

Till se decided to move out of ukraine , hut she want to come to you....just asking money for moving from kiev to warsaw, and then you provide tickets....

When she got the tickets, then she start asking for more money , small amount of 3000 , for taxi, for shopping, for eat, telling you that she is in the plane....but asking for money to buy cosmetic make up because she did not buy for long time, and she want to be pretty for you on arrival.....

When flight arrive, still asking money to lay her credit card because the money she use was not enough for cosmetic....

But she never appear.... even scratching for 30 euros and no matter if the ticket you lost cost 600 800 euros 

She use this bank card number


And phone that maybe is blocked by now

+380 95 191 1446

Samples of her messages

She contact by tinder

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Photo send by her


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