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Kazakhstan, Almaty
JSC Eurasian Bank
7 707 305 6924
Scam pattern

Request for money to obtain the passport and for the visa for any meeting.

Samples of her messages

My dear A........!
I understand you don't really believe my words.
But when we meet you, I can show that I have feelings for you and that I truly love you.
You'll feel a lot of care and love from me.

Overall, I'm glad your flight went well. :-)
So today you'll sleep in your soft bed.
I'd like to be by your side.and I also understand that you'd like to celebrate my birthday.
I'm not celebrating either. I'll just buy a little cake tomorrow.
My dad loves chocolate cake. He's gonna enjoy eating this cake with Elena and me.
But when I meet you, we'll celebrate my birthday the way we should. I really want it.

In general, I have a great desireto leave these letters and talk to you in reality.
Look you in the eye and talk about anything. See your reaction.
See your facial expressions. Now I can't hear it.
I don't even know how you react to my emails. When are we gonna be together?
I ask you not to worry. You'll never lose me. You have to trust me, it doesn't disappoint you

soon we'll have happiness for two.
My heart is already waiting for you.
I love you A.........

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