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38097 035 0041
38097 035 0041
380 97 034 1723
Scam pattern

She's from Odessa in Ukraine and it's the usual travel scam. Then she needs more and more money during her trip and constantly asks for 70/100 extra euros because she invents problems during her trip, such as the need to do a COVID test at the border line, her sick sister, the expensive hotel and she constantly ask for more money, she lies as she breathes.....

As usual for these scammers, she accepted a first contact video throught Whatsapp and after she has rejected all calls and videos, the contact was only by chat.

Samples of her messages

my good guy just don't like to call the camera i look bad there and i don't like it i'm shy i send you a video it's better to communicate with you you can also send me a video so i can see you make me a video of your house how you live and where i am going to live with you, we don't know much and I want to understand a little what you do and how you live .... I'll come to you, everything will be all right, I already told my sister everything and says that if you hold me for so long, then maybe everything will work out for me with you ...

I have already packed my things and in the morning I will take a taxi and at 8 o'clock in the morning I will go to the bus I spent all the money again please send me 70 euros so that I have a taxi and something to eat on the way ...

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