Mariia Harbaruk also uses the name Drachuk (this is name she is using currently)

First name
Last name
Harbaruk also uses the name Drachuk (this is name she is using currently)
Formerly Pyatnitskaya,St house 21 apartment 14
Chernihiv Index 14000 Ukraine
She says phone only works in Ukraine
Scam pattern

This is the first email dated 26/09/2023:

Hello, I'm Mariia, a couple of months ago we already exchanged messages with you.(She did not). I wrote to you from an Internet cafe, and now I have a brand new mail. Earlier I said that I live and was born in Ukraine.
I was very happy to see your response (there was no response) and my feelings were heightened. I hope you and I get to know each other and it grows into something more. I know that we have a time difference. But I don't think it will be a challenge for us. I'm going to the supermarket now. And then my evening will be free. I am looking forward to your mail.
Have a good day. Mariia.

It seems that she was in Kyiv at that time, and claims to have moved to Lviv because of the bombing. She said that she had a scholarship to come to the UK to study. Between Kyiv and Lviv, she claims she was involved in a car accident and had to spend a couple of weeks in hospital, for which she had to pay. After she had recovered, she tried to cross the border to Poland at Rzezsow, but claimed she had to pay a huge bribe in order to be able to leave. After she had crossed the border, into Poland, she went to Warsaw and obtained a British visa, as per the photo above. She stayed in Warsaw for a couple of weeks, and then sent me an email asking for $200. I sent this money and received this email in return on 07/04/2023:

My beloved, I received your message and receipt number, I hope I can receive everything today, I am very grateful to you. I hope you can help me some more and send 200-220 if you get the chance. Really looking forward to your answer. What are your plans? Are you all right? Please answer me as best as you can. I really miss you, I'm sorry that the mail behaves like this, it's not my fault. (She pretended that her email system wasn't working properly) Love you.
Yours Mariia.

After I refused to send her any more money, she did not send any more emails. I have reported her to the immigration authorities in the UK, with full details, not all of which are shown here. 

Samples of her messages

26/01/2023  Following the alleged car accident and her stay in hospital:


I need to pay $ 1029 and I agreed with my attending physician that I would make a money transfer in her name through Western Union and, of course, I would take on all the costs of the transfer. My beloved, I already told you that yes it is so and there can be no more mistakes and misunderstandings. You know what the doctors went to, including my doctor in the hospital for me, and they went to the point that they should never have gone to set themselves up and take responsibility, if I don’t pay off my balance of debt, then they don’t may lose their jobs.
I believe that these people did much more than save my life. You yourself know perfectly well that there are, as you say, bad people, but not in this case with doctors.
I know that you don't blame me my beloved,  because you know what is going on in the world right now.
Of course, I will immediately inform the visa center that as soon as the money arrives to the doctor and she deposits it, then my debt will be repaid and this is logical, it is possible, of course, that the data update will be delayed by a day or two, as you yourself understand, it remains only to guess. As I was told at the visa center, once all the debts are paid off, there is no reason to detain me any longer and I can get a visa without any problems, but I already told you about this.

I love you very much and miss you. Have a nice day! A thousand kisses to you. Yours Mariia.

I believe, I heard this one…

I believe, I heard this one somewhere before!

"I will / They will loose my / their job!"

Yup, I was correct. You can hear it on YT almost in every video about

~ Phone calls scammers from India ~

Don't send them your money, keep them out of business 😂😂😂

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