Mariia Gurianova

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
JSC Eurasian Bank
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Request to send money to Kazakhstan, can use different photos and dates of birth.


Kazakhstan, Almaty
JSC Eurasian Bank

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Now, I came to Elena's to write to you quickly and offer her an option to spend the day today. but OK.;-)
in general, today I want to find something and spend time with Elena and Dad.
maybe we'll have dinner together, but it would be boring to have dinner again.
i want to find something, because I havei this Sunday. and then I will come to see you. yes, my love! time passes quickly;-)
i was worried. I was waiting for an appointment. I thought time was passing slowly.
as a result, time flew quickly when I stopped worrying!!;-)
and I'm grateful to you for it. because you write to me every day. you write exceptionally positive!!!
andas a result, of course, I have a good mood every day.
the day before yesterday I was in a good mood, yesterday I was in a better mood.
today, I have an incredible mood.:-))))
and finally, every day, my mood improves and improves!!! because the meeting is approaching.
and soon I'll be able to hold you in my arms!
can't even imagine that today is February 19 already! February 19! darling!;-)
i texted you, and I decided I'm gonna have a nice dinner with my dad and Elena.
then I have to prepare something. i'm going home. i'm going to look at the cookbook and i'm going to do something. i don't want to eat simple sandwiches; -)
alori have to hurry.
after all, Elena has now said that she and her husband are going to visit her parents in the evening.
so we have to spend time together until 7:00.
so I'm in a hurry to get home and prepare something.:-)
but I want you to have a good Sunday too. Too bad we can't have time together but it will be soon. and I am very happy!
i kiss you,
with love

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