Maria Martskaya, scammeuse, fausse rencontre femme Ukraine

First name
scammeuse, fausse rencontre
Last name
femme Ukraine
Scam pattern

She does not ask for money but she makes you believe that you are the man of her life and that she loves you and you pay even more to talk with her.
She asks you to offer flowers that are very expensive in the site

Maria has had a boyfriend in

Maria has had a boyfriend in the Ukraine during all of the time that she was listd on any internaional dating site, she is a total scammer tramp!!!)))))))))))))

Anonymous (not verified)

Maria Martskaya is a mean

Maria Martskaya is a mean scammer!! She uses different nicknames, like Masha, Sweta and Lana. But it is the mentally sick Maria Martskaya all the way!! 

Anonymous (not verified)

i was going to meet her for

i was going to meet her for her birthday on the 23rd of november but after getting her contact details from godatenow and cheaking her out i confronted her about it she came up with loads of ansewrs but after realising that i have personnal bodyguards who protect me all the time she is now scared to meet me becouse of them why would you be scared by bodygurds they are there to protect not to hurt unless she was planning somthing else and now she cant do that she is trying to break of the meeting but that wont be easy i am still going to kiev and will find and meet her she needs to understand you cant go around robbing people and there are people in this world you dont steel from and i am one of them .


She is on

She is on now.  I searched “Maria age 23 Kiev Sagittarius” and got this site. 

Thanks for the posts

Anonymous (not verified)

she has just scammed a orphan

she has just scammed a orphan promising that he will have a family when they meet and get married he even travelled to Kiev to meet her for her to never turn up she re ally must be a despicable women to do this to a orphan how does her parents feel that 5his is what there foes for a living but for this orphan there is a upside I have friends in Kiev who have agreed to track her and her family down so they can pay this orphan back this is the only way she will learn 


In Sheffield, somebody offer

In Sheffield, somebody offer escort service under name Hannah phone: 07865001296 and using photos from Instagram of this girl. Be aware.

Anonymous (not verified)

I agree with everything said

I agree with everything said above.

I was only scammed, thank goodness, for endless hours of video chats and letters of undying love and affection from her, on the dating site, over a 16 month period from July 2018 until late Oct. 2019 when she abruptly closed her profile.

Then, I see her on IG with a history of traveling all around the world for this past year to Italy, Abu Dhabi, and now Phuket, Thailand, with her boyfriend Tony Latimur of Kiev.

She really knows how to use her beauty and "woman" power, to manipulate older men for being only 23 years old.

A real pro, as a lying, deceitful "woman".


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