Inna Neshtenko

First name
Last name
Scam pattern

The girl pretends to be Olga Petrova but the passport is fake so she may use any other name and other pictures.

Falls in love and want to come to meet you.

Money has to be sent to a travel agency ELITETRAVELL

Fake agency located in Russia but money is to be sent to Bulgaria or to Kazakhstan via Western Union or Moneygram.

Here's another member of the scam gang whose role is to receive money:

Name: Lyudmila
Nachname: Shpadova
Country: Kazakhstan
City: Almaty

Samples of her messages

Pete, my prince I don't know how to tell you this! I'm upset and depressed! Forgive me my prince! I don't know what to do now! Today there was a court, and the court decision was such that they would not start a criminal case against me! But I was told that according to the law I have to pay a fine! This is a fine for trying to bring historical value to another country! I asked what the fine would be and it was amazing! I do not know what to do! The money you sent me I paid the fine, I had to pay the fine! The fine was in the amount of $4,200! I gave all the money that I had, and they returned all the documents to me, and they said that when I paid the entire fine, my passport and my visa would be returned to me! Pete, I have to pay another $300! I don't know what to do now! I don't know where I can find that kind of money! I don't know what to do now and where can I get such a sum! I am ready to do everything just to be with you forever! Pete, my mom is leaving home tomorrow morning! My mom says I should go home with them! I don't want! I want you my prince! But I don't know what to do now! My mother tells me to go home with her, they say that you probably won’t be able to help us either! But I want to know what you think? Jeff, what should I do now? Should I go home with my mom or stay in Moscow? Can you help us? I WANNA BE WITH YOU! I LOVE YOU! Pete, I'm sorry that you have so many problems with me and I can't come to you! I want to be with you my prince! I want to be with you and I don't need anything but your love! There is a barrier between us! Last! I went to the airport and they told me that I can fly to you! Pete, I can be with you my prince! I love you with all my heart! We will be happy! I promise you my prince! I promise that we will be able to make all our dreams come true! I don't want to live without you! I want to be with you! I want to be with you, I want to make love to you, I want to give you my kisses! I don't know howto make it so that we are together! I love you and now my heart is bleeding and my soul is crying from the fact that we are not together! I dreamed for so long to see your smile every day, to feel your kisses! I do not know what to do! all my dreams are shattered! What to do??????? I do not know what to do! My prince I want to ask you what should I do? What you tell me is what I have to do!be waiting for your letter! I love you my prince! I love you with all my heart and all my soul! I hope that soon we will be together! I send you a sea of my kisses! I am yours and only yours forever Olga

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