Diana Sokolenko

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Russia, Leningradskaya oblast, Bugry, Shosseynaya street,house number 36,flat number 18, ZIP code: 188660
+7 (911) 834-14-79
Scam pattern

Beware!  This lady is a full scammer and makes you believe whatever she can to get money from you. Spinning you the most elaborate stories to get money.

it’s just lyes and doing her best to make you believe she loves you etc..

wastes your time and money calling her.

Samples of her messages

my love, I didn't get your reply((
Sweetheart, you can't imagine how encouraging your words
of support are!!! I feel like you doing your best to care about me!
After I read your sweet words of support I feel much more better.
Now I know that I made the right choice when I decided to
be your woman and I will never regret it! Frankly speaking, I didn't wait
from anybody for anything any more. I thought how so it turns out, all
my life I helped close people, friends but when I got into a situation,
difficult for me, nobody offered the help to me! How is interestingly our
life. Thank you my angel, my hero! I appreciate that you
showed me your care! The most important in life - to be necessary to someone.
Thank you for that you allowed me to feel myself important for you.
 I didn't search for a rich person, I search the person
with whom I will be happy! And now I have found you: you are warm-loving!
I want to find in you the partner, the friend and the husband. With my kindness
and tenderness I can make your life beautiful. I believe in you and
your love. This is what I always wanted to find in and to give to my
man - love, happiness, understanding and support! yes, a lot of kilometers
separate us now, but you have never been so close to me as at this
moment! That's why I'm incredibly grateful to you!
 please remember, money isn't everything in this world and we
will overcome this obstacle for sure. of cause, it is easier when you
have a lot, rather then little, but rich people are not usually happy!
Do you know who is the richest 2 people in the world? - no?
not Bill Gaits with his wife but YOU and ME! we have the greatest treasure,
it is our LOVE and I think we will never spend it! I love you very much!
You’re the smile on my face, the twinkle in my eye, the warmth inside
my heart and the fullness in my life! yours only Diana.

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