Camille Peyre

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Metz France to check...
Scam pattern

I met her on, she explains to me that her mother is Ukrainian and she offers to use Jaber to exchange but we used skype, Very quickly she explains to me that she is unemployed and soon arrives at the end of law with a little dependent girl. She is said to be separated from a man who hit her, and she is looking for a reliable man with serious loyalty etc... then quickly asks me for 800,900€ to help her with food and to pay bills because she can't anymore, of course in the meantime she teases me by telling me that she is in love with me, we talk about sex etc.. , then she asks me for 900€ to pay her rent because she has not paid for several months etc.. I go through different stages but then I understood that itwas a scam and I pushed him to his limits. When she understood that she could no longer do anything with me, she cut off all communication by explaining that I was too snooping etc...

Be careful, she is very intelligent in her approach and very clever, on the other hand, I do not know if it is she or he and if she really lives in Metz or if it is a brouterus...