Anna Sydoruk

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Mykolaiv, Ukraine
+380 93 831 2967
Scam pattern

She starts communicating with a good sens of humor. Her home was destroyed by a rocket in which her mom died. She lives in a hostel with her 10 years old sister. Suddenly, he sister has cancer and she needs money for an operation, then for medication, then for her phone thst goes crazy. Then she gets evicted from hostel and had to go to a shitty house that she has to fix because no electricity. It never stops.

Samples of her messages

[8-28, 12 h 35 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: How is Nastya ?

[8-28, 12 h 48 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: Nastya's hair has already begun to fall out from chemotherapy and she began to lose weight

[8-28, 12 h 49 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: Did the shave ?

[8-28, 12 h 49 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: When will we shave.

[8-28, 12 h 50 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: Just how will I be with her

[8-28, 12 h 50 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: I'll do it myself

[8-28, 12 h 50 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: It's sad

[8-28, 12 h 51 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: You called? I just didn’t have time to take it, I was in the toilet. Now I really want to take a shower

[8-28, 12 h 51 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: I pressed button by mistake

[8-28, 12 h 52 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: Sore throat, these air conditioners

[8-28, 12 h 52 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: But yes i would have liked to speak or see you

[8-28, 12 h 52 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: Did you bring her some flowers ?

[8-28, 12 h 53 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: What did your friends say when they saw the flowers 🙂

[8-28, 1 h 26 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: And I really want this, but I can’t speak, it hurts to swallow, my throat hurts a lot. They were surprised, at first they were scared, and then such "wow" Nastya was very surprised, only I showed her through the photo

[8-28, 1 h 27 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: And she showed 👍🏻

[8-28, 1 h 29 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: How was the day of work, how many hours today ?

[8-28, 1 h 44 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: God I'm sorry I can't answer.

[8-28, 1 h 44 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: Phone goes crazy

[8-28, 1 h 44 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: Already lags the most

[8-28, 1 h 44 p.m.] Maxime Routhier: 🙁

[8-28, 1 h 45 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: He turns on the flashlight himself, reboots

[8-28, 1 h 45 p.m.] Anna Sydoruk: The main thing is that it would not stop working at all

I need to ad pictures but it…

I need to ad pictures but it didn't work, i have plenty of them


Get in touch with me at…

Get in touch with me at 5058682188. I'm married to this idiot and I have tons Her name is Olena Honcharova from Nikolaev Ukraine. Age 44,5 got 6, hazel she and chunky. She is a pathological liar abs a sexual sadistic psychopath. Read my recent. I have everythin

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Listen I am so familiar with…

Listen I am so familiar with this romance scammer as I married her. Her name is Olena Honcharova, age 44 Nikolaev ukraine. She currently married to me living in US. She is a I scammer for over 20 years. She has gradient my money is a pathological liar a sexual deviant and psychopath. I met bet in Crimea l

ater married in Ukraine which was fraudulent. While back in USA before she was granted asylum she lived with another men off and on while Perth she had no money. I have record of crypto curb accounts, bank record and western union She is a prostitute and has hundreds of fake pictures on numerous web sites. You'll never see her face as she uses photoshop pictures to have plausible deniabiliy. I have a ton of texts, her actual pictures,phone records as well as copies of pictures and data from her iPhone iPad. I amand I'm in the process of getting department of immigration involved and homeland security. 

Yes her mother died but years ago when a car hit her. 

Randy Noble (not verified)

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