Anna ilina

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Marshala Chuikov 29b KAZAN TATARSTAN
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Jevousaiclaireditquejerecevraiunvisa,unpasseportetd'autresdocuments avant le départ!!!!!!!
My dear husband, your 2700 euros are in the safest place, you will not lose them. Everything here is in accordance with the law, understand that! I will receive them immediately when you send 1800 euros. Well, I know youpplie, let's not argue, let's not argue, help me and then you will be convinced that I have been honest. I will definitely come to your house and give you back the 4500 euros at the airport, really! Give me one last chance! Our salaries are always paid in cash. Don't have one? It's always been like this for us! Let's not waste time, tell me, can you help meer? Tell me, are you crazy???????????? I have made it clear to you that I will receive a visa, passport and other documents before departure!!!!!! When I have the 4500 euros of customs control. Do you understand that? You know, you're going to lose everything and I'm tired of your attitude towards me too. You simply do not understand what I am writing to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm calling you today'today, are you okay? I'll explain over the phone, maybe you'll understand. I'm just tired of sitting down and writing now because you don't understand!!!!!! And I still need to work!!!!!! Your Anna