Andréa Gachette, She is called Antoinette Guerin

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Caplock mechanism
She is called Antoinette Guerin.
21 Allée des Acacias 34570 Pignan
Scam pattern

This French woman contacts you on a dating site and asks to talk to you on Google chat, she quickly says that she loves you that she is sincere that we are made to be together,insists especially on trust and sharing and all the bullshit and asks for money to come see you at home because at home she was impossible because she is roommate, very quickly, after a few hourseures.

She asked me to pay her into an account (see phot) a sum of 800 to 1000 Euros to make the trip to me.

Alleging a problem at the bank, she then asked me to buy Neosurf refills.

She is very proud of her shapes, calls in video, but without her pretending that her phone has problems.

She needs de 4000 Euros to unlock the account of his aunt who died 8 months ago on which there is a large sum of money that must return to him (see photo)

Samples of her messages

The number with which she calls does not receive the texts and it is impossible to reach her by call either.

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