Anastasia Kuprienko

First name
Last name
Sventanskaya Street 29 s1
+7 908 989 67 39
Scam pattern

She will have various fake profiles with different names. The one i got scammed on was called Wendy Gomez.


I used AI to reverse image search her and found her actual details when she ran a personal trainer consulting site in russia with her name, address and email. Her real name is Anastasia Kuprienko,

She also was a pro scammer…

She also was a pro scammer. She video called me to prove she is real. So i actually did get to chat to her and i know her voice well. But the names she uses are fake. She leads you on about how her Aunt has this crypto company, and you invest and when it comes time to withdraw there are issues. I seriously think she runs a money laundering scam through crypto. She uses the crypto platform BITSO


She is involved in what is…

She is involved in what is known as a Pug Slaughtering Scam.


Its a very elaborate romance scam. She will video chat with you, she will send you voice notes, she will do everything she can to prove to you she is a real person and is in love with you. Its like she is very aware of what scammer may respond and act. So she really lives the role as a girlfriend. Very heavy. 

Alley87 (not verified)

What AI did you use to find…

What AI did you use to find her photos ? The vest i found so far was yandex reverse image search.


Hi There,   I used a site…

Hi There,


I used a site called pimeyes. I paid for one month sub to use the service. Works really really well. This scammer Anastasia Kuprienko went and shut down her page that had her real details on. Took her number off whatsapp. SO i know that Anastasia Kuprienko is her real name and she lives in Russia

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Alley87 (not verified)

Listen her name is Olena…

Listen her name is Olena Honcharova from Nikolaev Ukraine. How do I know this. I've been married to her for the past 4 years. 2 of those years I lived with her in Odds and Nikolaev Ukraine I have more data to substantiate this then a man needs to see and experience. I have amidst all of her alias phone numbers emails plus a group of women who have conspired to push this scamming and and prey on vulnerable men. You can contest me if h you like and I send you enough to convince. I think i could make a movie out of what she has done to me. men

Randy Noble (not verified)

Dude, We should take this to…

Dude, We should take this to Netflix. Can you email me all your info you have on her.

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Alley87 (not verified)

Please send me all the info…

Please send me all the info you have on her to

I want to know what this woman is like as a person as well. She must be heartless, narcisstic, and have zero emotions to what she is doing. She is pure evil man.

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Alley87 (not verified)

i want to see this movie. 

i want to see this movie. 

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Tennille (not verified)

I've had a message in…

I've had a message in England from this person. She sent me a message looking for someone called Leo, told her I wasn't Leo she then tried to be friends with me. She sent me a picture of herself which is the middle picture on the second row above, the one where she is wearing a blue suit. Did a Google reverse image search it lead me to this page plus an Instagram account called Kolesnyak_Ann. That Instagram account is not her so they are using someone else's pictures. I told her she is a scammer and she told me she was angry with me and blocked me. This was all done on WhatsApp. She called herself Maria

Williamuk (not verified)

Please can you email all the…

Please can you email all the information you have on this woman please im currently speaking to her on WhatsApp I had a feeling she was a scammer so I did a reverse image check that brought me here,I have confronted her about this but obviously she denies it. EMAIL  Thank you very much

Kevin Griffiths (not verified)

SHe now is using a brown wig…

SHe now is using a brown wig or she dyed her hair brown now

Allen (not verified)

So I am currently talking to…

So I am currently talking to this person. She is saying her name is Ashley, she is from Romania, she has been here 7 years, she is 33 years old and it is not her aunt that does crypto it is herself. I began speaking to her yesterday and she has mentioned her investments twice. She found me on plenty of fish and I am speaking to her on Whatsapp 

1234322 (not verified)

Ashley, Tiffany are some of…

Ashley, Tiffany are some of our pseudos. She will just send a casual message and behave as if it was coincidence that you got connected. Aim is to cheat you to invest in her Aunt's investment company. Neither does the Aunt nor her have any linkedin account, although she works at the Harrods Jewellery store and gifts watches worth above €150K on birthdays and her Aunt is a Tsar in the world of investment. Haha.

On my finding I found she is probably a Chinese citizen, because she has claimed to me twice she is from Singapore but living in London since she was 10. Made her to send me a message and it was spoken by a Chinese person in a heavy accent. 

At times I enjoy going along with the scam till the last moment, when they get all excited at the prospect of incoming money and I pull the lid off my plan and tell them that I knew all along they were a cheat :) adn they should just get the fo.

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