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Attention! This is a marriage scammer from Kazakhstan. Prefers to meet men in the EU. Very cunning and calculating.
Easy to contact, agrees to marry, but cohabitation is not in her plans. She has a long history of manipulating men's feelings and luring them out of large sums of money for personal purposes. Cynical. Can announce a break up at any time if she meets another victim. Location of the scam: Paris, France.

Hello, men! I want to tell…

Hello, men! I want to tell you about my bitter experience of meeting this woman from Kazakhstan. This woman's name is Alfiya. She lives in Semipalatinsk. On our first date, when she flew to Paris for the first time (she had never been abroad before), she looked at me with rapturous eyes, confessed her love to me, and we had wild sex. It looked strange, of course, but at that moment I believed in the sincerity of her feelings. It seemed to me that she really loved me. We were happy, we made big plans for the future. We could talk for hours on the phone about love, about children, about the future. Several times we gathered the documents to get married. All the years she asked me for money, because she didn't earn enough and it was hard for her to live, so I kept transferring money and sending her parcels with clothes and food. I gave her almost all my money, and I had to work a lot myself. I am a migrant worker from Sri Lanka. To help her, I had to do a lot of dirty work (laundry, cleaning rooms, taking out the garbage, delivering mail). One day she asked me to help her buy a new apartment because she was living in bad conditions. I didn't have any money, so I asked the bank for a loan. The bank gave me the money. I transferred it to her right away. Soon she bought a new apartment and after that she started ignoring me, not answering my calls, saying that she was tired at work and had no time to talk to me. And then I flew to Kazakhstan myself and asked her to explain the reason for the cooling down of the relationship. She had sworn her love for me until the last second. And when I arrived, she coldly announced that she didn't love me anymore and asked me to leave her house. I hadn't expected such meanness. I had been depressed for a long time, I was treated by a psychologist. After a while I asked for my money back. She promised to return the money (without naming exact dates), but then she blocked me altogether. For many years I helped her, bought clothes, shoes, phones, gold jewelry, perfume, laptops and cameras for her adult son, paid for all the airfare. She also asked for money orders very often for various reasons I don't understand. This woman will never, ever bring happiness to anyone. Only pain, humiliation and financial loss. She is not interested in anything but money. I was too trusting. And got betrayed. I want to warn everyone, don't get involved with this sly prostitute.

Nisanka (not verified)

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