Aguil Orozobekova

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street Isakeeva a/2
Scam pattern

Aigul introduces herself as a 29 year old dentistry graduate from Karakol,Kyrgyzstan  seeking to find a new mate in the country where she claims that she is being granted a government internship to work there for 6 months. She likes to send you photos of herself. They range from decent to erotic photography. After chatting over a period of 1 month, she will inform you that she is looking forward to meeting you in person, via going to the capital Bishkek to take the airplane flight to your country. Next she will inform you that she is a problem with paying debt that she owed to the government in order to leave the country and requests that you send $400 euros via Moneygram to her account.





Samples of her messages

Nice to meet you, dear. Please do not be marveled to my text. With your decision, I will tell you more about me. I'm looking for a man for a relationship and spend time together. I am active, communicative girl. I indulge in dreams and take pleasure life. I like to conduct recreation in good society. But inside of me right now is ice. I want to meet a man who defrost the ice. I'm expect you can be my prince. You know, I'm an open human, so to speak, I'm without complexes and without bad addiction. I do not consume spirits or take drugs. If you have no complexes and ready to go in the universe of bliss and fondness, if you are ready out from the unhappy boring life do vibrant unforgettable fairytale, do not miss this case, put all the work and writing me quickly! We could write and send photography, even erotic. Over time, of course, you would receive more of my photography and ability to know me closer. I think that I could to fall in love you and our friendship will continue. Your Aigulka!

She expresses a joy for a…

She expresses a joy for a little striptease,  but her Dentistry degree is what she will follow.

She lives in Karakol.  KYRGYZSTAN.   Each following email  presents  photos  a little more revealing.   

I played along for a while.

Intrigued  by the mind of a compulsive scammer. 

Reuben Viscoe (not verified)

Had the same confronted her…

Had the same confronted her never heard anything back from her 

S fazzone (not verified)

Her name is Aigul…

Her name is Aigul Orozobekova, and yes, she started a random message conversation me out of the blue, and I obviously researched it, playing along for now and will see where it goes. Script is exactly the same as you stated it almost word for word.

Nope (not verified)

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