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i wil complete this , now im playing, doing like i believe, i will tell u all how it develops

Samples of her messages

Hello (name)!!!

It is pleasant to me to see your letter. I do not know from what to begin acquaintance.

I hope that our acquaintance will be fascinating and interesting. I would like to learn much about you.

I think that you wish to receive the information on me. I will try to tell to you about the life.

I really am Russian. I hope you it is not upset?

To me 34 years. I live in a small city with interesting name Bekhterevo. 

I do not have children. I never was married. I had relations with men.

But I yet have not met the person with whom I want to live all life.

I am interested in creation of serious relations. And in the future I would like to have a family.

For this purpose I have decided to search for relations with the help the Internet. I had already some acquaintances.

But these acquaintances have not interested me. And I again continued to search.

I consider that who searches that always will find. It is necessary to aspire to realisation of the purpose.

I want to tell that at me very simple character. I have no bad habits.

I try to adhere to a healthy way of life. I like to go in for sports at leisure.

It is assured that you interests where I work. I work in jewelry store.

I sell precious ornaments. I accept my work, it is pleasant to me.

I have conversation with people, I help them to choose an ornament.

I like to spend a free time with girlfriends.

To spend time in the company happens very interesting.

I hope that for the first letter I have enough told about myself.

Certainly you can ask me about all. I with pleasure will answer your questions.

I would like, that you as have told about yourself. To me you will be interesting to learn what person.

I hope that our dialogue will proceed. I will be glad to receive from you the new letter.

With impatience I will wait for your answer.

Yours faithfully, ....




amo 335 8187673



335 8187673


amo 335 8187673



335 8187673


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