Scammer Natalya, Inna Yandyganova, Smirnova

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Scammer Natalya
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Un bel escroc qui demande pas moins de 1270 euros pour vous rejoindre et qui envoyait des lettres préfabriquées !

Pour moi elle s'est fait

Pour moi elle s'est fait appeler Ekaterina


She recently replied to me on

She recently replied to me on Having seen this kind of thing before I became instantly suspicious and checked her out. I've posted some new photos that she sent me and she is now using the name of Anastasiya and also uses Galina Rybakova with the email address:

other email addresses I've found for her are: 

An address I've found for her is:

Russie (Russia) 

Orenbourg (Orenburg) 

rue Severnaya 58-7 ; Pyatigorsk str. 47-19 


Ekaterina Artemyeva   Sokol

Ekaterina Artemyeva   Sokol

Anonymous (not verified)