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classique. Vous aime trop vite et peu importe que vous ayez 30 ans de plus. Souhaite venir et de l'argent pour cela.

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My name is Alla!
I am new here, i am quite shy, but i would like to find a man from abroad because i am not interested in locals as i have been hurt. I  love nature, love go in for sports, enjoy look feminine.One of my hobbies is cooking so my man will never be hungry! Anyway,  write  me  here  and  tell me about yourself and share your pics:)

not sure if the same person

not sure if the same person but at least she use the same photo

what she wrote look kinda similar of what she wrote me

she also " work " on site like or russian dating

the photo sent are from ciara price

there is another way she ask money " my country rise up taxe so now i don t have enought money to continu go to net cafe for sent u email" can u sent me xxx amount "