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Hello :)

I'm glad you responded to my post :)

***** I was not worried about our age difference, because age is just a number, so I do not if I do not see it!

As I said, I live in Russia, in the village of Lyza.

If you are interested, you can see

the map google.maps.

I decided to get acquainted with a man on the site about two months ago.

This idea has led me my friend :) She met a man,

they corresponded for several months, photos, and now they live together :) It's so romantic.

I do not want to have a relationship with the Russian men, because they are so cruel, they use

much alcohol and beat their wives, it is known to many.

Do you know anything about Russian men?

Many of them make their money to buy too much alcohol. Many of them believe

that this whole life cost. I have a negative attitude to such people.

What you an idea struck, register on a dating site?

They are for a new relationship? They hang with many women?

I would not want you to communicate with several women at the same time, it will be my little request.

I believe that you always opt for a satellite, the satellite can be only one.

If a person has more than one satellite, it is fraud, of deception. You know what I mean?

I would tell you right away that criteria such as the age difference or distance

between us, for me it does not matter. This stuff.

You might wonder how I communicate with you in your language. because my native language is Russian.

Honestly sometimes I have to use a translator. I began to learn these two languages

Months. Now I began to go to extra classes for the study of many foreign languages.

I'm interested :) I think I learn the language :)

Tell me about yourself, your interests, tell me your opinion.

I will wait for your reply.