First name
Scam pattern

The plan is all scam, but now seem to read the emails you sent, this and located in romance.com, I must say that at first almost cheating on me before did not read our messages, be careful with that.

Samples of her messages

Will be honest with you that I wasn't sure that you are going to reply
on my letter so want to say that you for your reply and it was nice to
hear from you!
I  received your e-mail very interesting way. I left my application in
the  marriage  dating  agency.  This is a professional agency offering
people  serious for marriage and other serious relationship. They gave
me your email address as a suitable candidate for me.
The  reason  that I thought that I will try to get acquainted with you
because  you seems nice and interesting person so I really want to get
in  touch  with  you and to know you better. I can say about me in few
words that my name is Yuliya. I am 24 years..
I  live  in  Russian  and  hope that for you wont be a problem that we
faraway  from  each other and that it will not change your interest to
me and you will still contact with me.

pas le on profil

pas le on profil


Hmm, looks like a girl who i

Hmm, looks like a girl who i am talking to..

She is called Darya

She uses the email:




are pictures from her