the city of Cheboksary in Russia

orpheline, le mélodrame habituel, ne lit pas les mails ......

Beispiele ihrer Nachrichten

francois I recently came home from work
I'm so excited to receive a letter from you. It is so uplifting my spirits . Especially after a hard day's work .)
Today I was just such a day . There was a lot of work. I even did not have time to go to lunch . That's so hungry and came home . At home, I have had time to eat borscht , though he was standing in the refrigerator 3 days). But such has not been corrupted ) . Tasty) . Had a bath ) . It is sad that there was no one to rub my back .) And now I sit at my home computer . I am writing you a letter. I rarely turn on the computer at home for the whole day I'm so tired of the computer , which sometimes do not want to see him . But in order to write you a letter francois I am willing to make such sacrifices ) !
Maybe you treat me with suspicion , it's your right . You're asking me so many questions , sometimes I do not understand all of them . I beg you not to swear . I try very hard to answer you as to all your questions. Maybe it's me and not entirely impossible. But I really honestly and sincerely trying to fully establish a dialogue with you . Now I want to tell you about myself is maximized and I'll start with a small but very important ) . My name is Tatyana). I hope you have not forgotten .) My age is 28 . I live in Russia , city Cheboksary. I work as a sales manager plastic windows). This is when you suddenly forgot ) . My work is not dusty , but very hard. I have to talk to a lot of people. Make new friends , to raise the ranking of my sales). Get used to this kind of work can be .) But all my contacts it's alive , I'm talking to real people . Once I've already said that I do not have a profile in social networking sites, I do not have chat. At work, the boss forbids it , but at home I do not want to waste time . Mobile Phone I certainly have , but the sim card only for local calls. I can not receive calls from other regions, and I do not need it ... Oh my hobbies I can say that in addition to walks in the park and eating ice cream simple Plombir. I love listening to music, going to the movies , just like dancing , sports , reading books. I have a dream to buy a car, but unfortunately not yet have a driver's license, to put it simply I am fully developed woman . I'm not embarrassed to talk about it . I love nature. But my most favorite activity is cooking . Maybe sometime you can try) . Sorry, but I have nobody to feed so that I cook. I live alone, as I said I have no relatives. No one! Sorry . But there is nothing wrong with that is I do not see. I do not have my family , husband, children. For some reason I could not connect his life with someone from my country. Perhaps it's Russian ... All men are only sex , all you need is just my body . Only my naked form . I'm not a dummy, I live woman . No one cares what is in my heart . I have a very rich inner world . But if it ever learns the true man I do not know. So here I am living alone in her two-bedroom apartment. The last time I seriously started to think about the children of a family, a husband . This is my dream now . I want to have a serious relationship. I do not want the game to love. I need a man who can hear me , understand , even to scold if I did something wrong) . I'm alone now, very lonely. I need to find a family ! Always be with his family. It is necessary for me. When I start to think about it. Such sadness and longing seizes me . I want to cry . You know , I'm a strong woman , so I'm going to fight for their own happiness ! Sometimes I imagine living in a family where I was Mom , I have lots and lots of kids , good responsive wonderful husband , father to our children). And it does not matter what country we live in, no matter how rich we are , no matter how we live , no matter how much my husband is older or younger than me . It is only important that we all together, and he appreciates it ! This is my dream ! Today, I must love you very tired in his letter . I hope you do not stop writing to me ) ? I 'm going to wait for your answer ! Okay ? ? Will you write me? ' . And I want to tell you francois if I tell you today, did not answer any questions , do not be offended , maybe I 'm not ready to answer them or just forgot ))) . Okay ? You're not going to be angry ? I will miss ...

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