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Hello again my love is Robert. How are you? What is your mood? Forgive me again for all this bad news and for distracting you from work. I was in a hurry at the Internet cafe as soon as we talked on the phone. I am very nervous and worried! My Robert, I was so glad to hear your voice! We were finally able to talk. When we were talking on the phone, I closed my eyes and imagined that you were standing next to me. I miss you very much and worry about the whole situation, because I'm afraid to lose you! Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me! My love, now I have to sit on the plane and fly to you, but instead I am sitting in an Internet cafe all in tears. Dear, thank you for your understanding and support. Our telephone conversation was able to reassure me and made it clear that everything would be fine. Today at lunch, I flew to Moscow and immediately went to the Internet cafe to write you a letter, since I did not have time to do this in the morning. I wrote a letter, ate at a cafe and went to the airport to check in for my flight and fly to you in Geneva. But when I went through customs control, I had a problem. I was not released from the country. I am very upset. I do not know what to do now. I cried for a very long time. I have only recently been able to calm down a bit. I drank a lot of sedatives. My dear Robert, I want to be near you. My love, I have a disaster and you already partially know about it. A customs officer asked me to show him a certificate of the availability of money in my account, since I am flying to Switzerland with a tourist visa. When I gave all the documents to the customs, the customs officer said that they checked my certificate of availability of funds and it is considered not valid. They sent a request to my bank and found out that all my bank accounts were blocked. Therefore, my certificate is considered invalid. I need to make a new reference and only then can I leave Russia with a tourist visa. In order to fly to Switzerland on a tourist visa, I must have 30 euros, for one day of validity of the visa. I made a visa for 90 days and for this I need 2700 euros. This is a prerequisite of the Swiss government for people who want to visit their country on a tourist visa. I can’t fly to you if I don’t show them the money or the account statement. The customs officer explained to me that this is a simple formality. My love is Robert, I do not need to spend this money. I just need to show them to register as a tourist. I called all my friends and acquaintances to borrow money and make a new reference. But no one has the money. My love, please help me. I don’t know what to do and who else to ask for help. You are the only person who can help me now. I am very ashamed of you and I am afraid to lose you. I am very ashamed in front of you. My Jacky, I will not spend this money. Hope you understand that? I just show them at customs and put them back in my bag. This is just a formality for a tourist visa to Switzerland. This is the law, and I can’t change anything. My love, I’ll just show at customs that I have money and they will release me to Russia. And when I fly to you, I will immediately give you all the money back. I will not spend a dime. My love, please help me. We have already done a lot together and I am a few hours flight from you. All documents are ready and I only need to show the money to go through customs and calmly fly to you in Geneva. I managed to change my flight to August 14 (Wednesday), I will send you the flight details so that I can meet me. My tour agent said she would send me flight data tomorrow. Don’t worry, I will send you a photo of the tickets as soon as they are in my hands. This is all very difficult for me, because I'm here all alone. I need you, my dear Robert. We have time to have time to do everything. Please help me! I really hope for your support and on Wednesday we will fall asleep in one bed. All my thoughts are only about you and about our meeting. I love you my dear husband Robert Assager! I am very worried. I will be waiting for your early reply. Only your wife Zarina Assager

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Hello my dear Robert! How are you? How are you feeling? I hope all is
well and you are happy to receive my letter! You have no idea how many
thoughts occurred to me while I waited for your answer. At work, I
could not normally concentrate. Our relationship is very important to
me and I want to develop them with you. All these positive emotions,
they want to get out and I'm happy that they are for you! Thank you
for your photo, you are very beautiful. I am so glad to see you again,
I am very pleased that every time you send me your photos! Outside
about 10 degrees. A few days ago there was an unbearable heat, but it
quickly changed to bad weather with rain. I can't say if I like birds,
but I like to watch them. When you look at them you feel some kind of
freedom, what they can do. No, I understand that you so want to hear
me. I will send you my phone number, but as you already know, you will
not be able to call me, but send me an SMS. Here is my phone number.
(+79371167341). As for our meeting, I can’t randomly send you the date
of my departure to you. First I need information, and then I will tell
you the date. If in the next letter you send me information, I will
write you the date of my departure. Good? My dear, I am pleased that
you support me in our communication! Now I feel that something good is
happening in my life that I have been waiting for and dreamed of for
so long. I need a strong male shoulder near. A man with whom I will
feel more confident! Who can give me the right advice and if I
stumble, help me get up and move on. It is in you that I see such a
man. And I'm glad you appeared in my life. Appeared and changed it. My
dear Robert, I am happy that you supported my idea about the vacation
and our meeting. Honey, you and I must understand that this is a very
important decision that will change our life! It is for this reason
that I first asked you how you look at my proposal? Today I was able
to solve all my work affairs and appointed my senior master stylist as
a beauty salon director, while I was absent. She has been working in
my salon since the very opening and I can always rely on her. Now I
can think about my vacation with you, my Robert. I am so pleased to say
these words to you. Today, when I returned from work, I was able to go
to a travel agency. I wanted to know how long the documents for my
vacation will be prepared and I want to start planning my trip as soon
as possible. It won't take me long to arrange a trip to Switzerland.
Tomorrow I'm going to a tour agency to book tickets and make health
insurance. My dear, I will keep you updated on all events and news! I
am sure that I will need some information about where I should go. My
love, tell me again the name of your city, your cell phone number,
where I can always call you, and the name of the airport where you
will be comfortable to meet me. So do not forget to tell me again your
full name, city, country, that I would not miss the little things. As
soon as I have all the necessary information, my tour agent will start
preparing the trip for you. The faster the documents are ready, the
faster we will enjoy each other together. My dear, I hope you take our
meeting very seriously. We are no longer small children and I do not
want to waste our time and energy. Ahead is our first meeting, the
first touch of the hands, the first kiss, hugs and the first night of
love. I imagine how you meet me at the airport and I jump into your
arms! How we kiss and talk about love for each other. As we come home
and make love for the first time. I'm sure we won't be out of bed for
a few hours. I want you, my sexy and beloved Robert. I want to feel
you! My whole body wants to feel you every day. You want this too, am
I right? We had the opportunity to become happy, as we wanted. I can't
hide my feelings about it! I am ready to build a serious relationship
with you and I believe that everything will be fine. We will be
together and make each other happy every day! I will not miss this
happiness! I will fight for him and for you! My dear, I have to finish
this letter! I will wait for your early reply! All my thoughts, only
about you! I love you Robert. It is a pity that you are not around, but
I know that soon it will change. I miss you, my man! Your dear Zari.

P.S. I took pictures for you when I was in the salon.

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