Vitovshchyk Svetlana

Krasnodon, Kirova street, 7
Ukraine 94401
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How  are  you?  Svetlana  is here! the one you met on dating
site!  I  am writing to you with a smile on my face and hope
you  can  feel it through my letter :) I sincerely hope that
our  communication  will lead us to something magical called
love :)

Honestly,  I  am  not  experience  in such dating things, so
please  do not be hard on me! I try my best :) I am 31 years
old.  Hope  you  are ok with that! Do you like big cities? I
like  small  ones.  I live in Krasnodon which is small town.
Used  to be so wonderful but things changed here. well, life
must go on! Do you have big family? I have a small family it is
only me and mom.

Sweetheart,  you  can ask  me anything you wish and please do
not  be  shy to tell me more about yourself, your wishes and
interests etc! I am really interested to know!

Please enjoy your day and write me back soon :)


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