Viktoriia Khamidullina, scammeuse russe de Angarsk

Prénom/First name
scammeuse russe de Angarsk
Nom/Last name
23rd quarter, 8, apartment 17. Angarsk, 665806, Russia
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

She contacts the first time using meetic. After 2 months, she asks for meet in my country. She says that have asked holydays to her boss. The dates are closed, a very near to today. That dates can't be changed. Then she says that she went to a travel agency, and the flight is too expensive, and ask your money.
Be careful, if you say you doubt, she send you a fake passport, and a fake travel agency information, and she ask you buy the flight in that agency. 

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello Name!

Thank you for a new letter. I am glad to receive your words.

You have good English. This is cool!

I wonder what you write in each of the next letter.

I hope you good to read my letters.

How are you?

Today, I thought a lot about what to tell you, Name.

I'll tell you about the city in which I live. It's a small town, but it is very beautiful, I like this place.

There is very beautiful nature, a lot of different attractions.

I will send you today a few pictures, you can make sure that my beautiful city.

Angarsk is a district center in the Irkutsk region. The closest big city, this Irkutsk. I sometimes go there.

The population of my city is about 260 thousand people.

When I got a job in a kindergarten, I saw in it only a temporary place of work. And in the future I would like to find

another job.

But over time I realized that I was in the right place. After graduation, I rented an apartment for rent. But it was

very uncomfortable.

So I decided to buy an apartment. Several years ago I bought an apartment on credit.

The fee for a loan large enough, but I know it's my apartment.

Name, I am very interested to know what you expect from a partner? What qualities do you value in a girl?

And what do not you like in a girl? What are your goals in life?

At this point I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your new message. Viktoriia.

She sends very personalized

She sends very personalized messages, be careful.


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