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Envoie de longs messages d'elle de sa famille mets la personne en confiance dis que elle même se fait arnaquer pour finir réclame 1800 € personne très manipulatrice

Dirty ,lying thieving thief …

Dirty ,lying thieving thief .

She has scammed 32600 Australian dollars from me over the past THREE years 

Always says the has been scammed by a man in South Africa .

Always includes ALLEGED photos of her family .

Deserves all the punishment and contempt I hope she will get !!!!!!!

Knows EVERY lie and trick there is to extort and STEAL money!!!!!!!!!!

Present email address   tatyana.moscow7@yandex.com .

I'm sure she will change this when she knows her immoral ,disgusting 

behaviour has been rumbled .

Previous email address was. tatyana.belochka7@yandex.com

If she contacts you report her immediately ,and do NOT reply to her !!!!

Another trait is she will NEVER send you a video or let you hear her voice .

She has ruined my life and made me VERY ILL .

Don't let the evil cow do this to you !!!!!!!!



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I have made an awful mistake…

I have made an awful mistake with my unforgivable comments about this lady 

My eyesight is very poor and I mistook for another lady .

I implore anyone that read this to totally ignore ALL I said 

And my sincere apologies to whoever this Tatyana is   SORRY !!

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