Tatiana Haustova

Melitopol, Zaporozhskaya region, 30 years of Victory, building 22 flat 121,122
h_tatik@mail.ru, haustova_t@mail.ru
Modèle d'arnaque

Tatiana Haustova asks for money for documents, for the repair of an apartment that has burned down, for medicines for parents.. etc.

For more information about scammer Tatiana Haustova aka Tatyana Khaustova you can find on this site https://haustova.life

Echantillons de ses messages

My darling, it is really very heavy to me now. I said to you that I raised  money for arrival to you. Yes, it is valid so. Yes, I have resolved problems with neighbours and with a flood as a whole. But, I have spent all money which I protected for a trip to you. Therefore today, when I have come to travel agency. I burst into tears very much. As there to me have told, that all my documents are already ready, and I can receive documents including the visa.

It is certainly fine news. But, to me will not give out these documents until I will not pay them $1200. But as you already know, my darling Alvaro, I have spent all money for the problem decision. Therefore I now not in a condition to solve very difficult problem with the finance. My darling Alvaro, I do not know what to do...! After all I really love you! And I really wish to be with you! You understand, the darling Alvaro? I love you, and I am ready on everything what to be with you. But, I cannot anything make! Last the help is necessary for our love. I do not know to whom to address and where to search the help. What to me to do, my honey? How to me to rescue our meeting? Our love? To me it is very bad, the darling … after all I love you, each section of the heart, each atom the smother … The darling Alvaro…. I wish to be with you … do not leave me!

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